Choir Audio
                                        DIY-Custom Design and Machining 

    At Choir Audio, we love the DIY spirit and we want to help the customer who wants to design and build their own original products. Therefore we offer Custom Design assistance and Machining for the DIY customer. If you already have detailed drawings of a Platter, Bearing or Plinth that requires precision manufacturing techniques or just an idea, please contact us for a consultation, design assistance or a quote to manufacture your components.

If you have a dream, that you would like us to help design and manufacture for you, please contact us and we would be happy to assist with Consultation, Design Drawings and complete Manufacturing.

With our Machine Shop being fully equipped with the latest in CNC Mills, Lathes and Plasma Cutters, your imagination is the only limit to what we can manufacture.


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Quotes will be quickly offered on components that are already designed and have detailed mechanical drawings.

Custom Mechanical Designs will be done on a Per Hour Rate, with a minimal retainer required.

Please contact us today for a free initial consultation!


2.5 bearing



The Choir Audio Bearing Assembly, when compared to the competition.